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Emergency Information

What to Do in Case of an Emergency


     The primary concern here at school is to keep your children safe. With that in mind, we’ve developed extensive safety and emergency plans in the rare event that a natural disaster or situation were to occur.      The purpose of this article is to inform you of some of the safety procedures and precautions that we have in place.   

1.        Teachers and Support Staff have been trained in First Aid and CPR  

2.        We conduct Fire Drills every month, Earthquake Drills each quarter, and Shelter in Place/ Lockdown Drills each semester.     


If an emergency were to occur at Alvarado:

1.        An emergency phone call would be sent to all families using our auto dialer system (it is very important that the office has current phone numbers and contact information for you)

2.        We ask Parents/Guardians to pick up children at the designated Student Release Area, which will be the lower parking lot by the Kindergarten Playground.

3.        Have your photo ID ready when coming to the Student Release Area.

4.        As parents arrive at the ReleaseCenter, students will be retrieved – parents must remain in the Release Area