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Vision and Mission


To support the personal and intellectual success of every student, every day.



 No child goes unnoticed.  Each child will be known, respected, challenged and supported.  Every student is a responsible,  productive citizen in a diverse and competitive world.


Shared Values and Beliefs

  • Success of All Students - All staff members focus on student success. Students have many opportunities to learn,   achieve, and celebrate intellectual and personal success.​

  • ​High Expectations - Students, parents and staff are empowered and supported to meet high expectations.​

  • Respect and Integrity - Communication and interactions among all in the school community are mutually respected, trusted and supported.​

  • Teamwork - The school community works collaboratively and creatively to ensure student success. Decisions and input are welcomed and encouraged by all. Successes are recognized and celebrated.

  • Safety - The school community is safe and secure for all.​

  • Effectiveness and Efficiency - Financial and human resources are prioritized and managed effectively to meet goals and expectations.​​

  • Continuous Improvement - Staff, parents, and students evaluate progress using multiple, reliable measures and make improvements when necessary.