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SBAC websites

Mouse and navigation tutorial - this provides practice on how to use the mouse to right click, double click, highlight, etc.

Mousercise This website will give opportunities to use the mouse in different ways. Directions have to be read to complete the task.


Highlighting/Selecting Text - These links will ask student to proof read and make corrections in Capitalization, Spelling, Usage, and Putting It Together

Grade 3   Grade 4   Grade 5




SBAC Practice Test  Students select grade level and click on "yes" to access practice test for Math or ELA



English Support

Basic English Vocabulary Great website for 2nd language learners to learn basic vocabulary. Must used headphones.

Student Websites

Math for all grades


Starfall: Learn to Read (Great learning to read for primary-must have headphones)

Gr. K-5 Reading/Sight Words  

Gr. K-2:  Literacy Concepts  

Grammar with Sheppard Software

Parts of Speech Tutorial fun site where students play games to learn the parts of speech

Grammar and Spelling

Grammar Blast  Great website for grades 2-5 on all areas of grammar (includes lessons and games)

English Maven - your resource for free online English lessons and exercises. On the left you will find an index of English grammar exercises which students can complete and receive scores.

Spelling Training This is an excellent interaction site where students can type in their weekly spelling list and practice typing them correctly. The words are spoken when typed and students can take their spelling test right from the computer. There are also games that use the weekly spelling words that students type in.


Water Footprint Game  Students will be asked to select the amount of water they think they use in different parts of their homes. Great resources to teach water conservation.

Precipitation Education great lessons and videos for K-5 on learning about water, the water cycle and precipitation.

Discovery Kids videos

Space videos and technology from JPL

STEMWORKS  Covers the following subject matter: CSI, Weather, Space, Robotics, The Animal Kingdom, Under the Sea, Medical Innovations, Under the Sea, Wind Energy, etc.

Edheads provides free science and math games and activities that promote critical thinking. Click on "Choose an Activity to reach Simple Machines, Virtual Knee Surgery or Stem Cell Heart Repair, among others.

Electricity 6 minute "Kids Block" video and other engaging science lessons on basic science.

Edison Electric Smart Kids This is a great resources for students to learn about electricity and electric safety through games and videos.

Science Kids  Learn more about the amazing world of science by enjoying fun science experiments, cool facts, online games, free activities, lesson plans, photos, quizzes, videos and science fair projects. Science Lessons, games and videos that cover all areas of science for kids.

Typing Practice

Kidztype (great for primary level - must use headphones)

Free Typing (better for upper elem. - includes lessons, tests and games)

Power Typing (students should practice the "qwerty" keyboard - also includes tests and games)


Social Studies/History

Reflections This is the online resources that aligns with the K-5 social studies textbook. Great links for geography, atlases, biographies, primary resources, games, etc. History includes facts about our presidents, important American documents, wars, groups and culture. Learn about government (presidents, branches of govt., how laws are made), games about our government.

50 States  reference website that has facts about the 50 states

Sheppard Software - great website for learning about the geography of the United States and world.

National Museum of American History Current Events

Computers and Technology

Learn to Code in Code Studio Students and teachers can sign up for free and go through many fun coding tutorials. Learning to "Code" will allow you to move Anna around the Frozen ice rink and make Flappy fly! 

Research help